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Our Story

In the shadows of time, the exquisite tapestry of traditional Islamic dress and craft began to fray, its threads of authenticity lost to the relentless march of centuries. Across the vast expanse of the Islamic world, we journeyed, weaving through cultures and civilizations, until we uncovered the scattered fragments of Prophetic attire, each piece a whisper of the past, held tenderly within the embrace of diverse customs.

These cherished remnants, veiled in the uniqueness of their cultural adoptions, were a revelation—a testament to the splendor of the Prophetic roots that once intertwined with life itself. It was here, amidst the intricate weavings of history, that the luminous spark of Ibreez Collections ignited.

Our calling is to breathe life back into these sacred threads, to resurrect the spirit of spiritual attire and crafts that flourished 1400 years ago in the embrace of the Prophetic tradition. We stand at the crossroads of time, bridging the chasm between ancient wisdom and modern sensibilities. Each stitch we sew, every pattern we paint, is an ode to the Prophetic ethos, harmoniously recrafted for the contemporary era.

Ibreez Collections is more than a brand; it's a pilgrimage back to the heart of our heritage. We celebrate the elegance of tradition, interwoven with the vibrancy of today. Our mission is to illuminate the path that links the past to the present, infusing it with the divine spirit that once animated the Prophet's existence.

As you adorn yourself with the offerings of Ibreez Collections, you're not just wearing garments or adorning spaces; you're breathing life into the very essence of tradition. It's an invitation to wrap yourself in the warmth of history, to let the threads of spirituality wrap around your soul, and to stand resplendent as a living connection to the luminous legacy that transcends time.

Our Purpose

We exist to kindle the lights of the soul, encouraging every individual to embrace and eloquently express their spiritual essence through the artistry of clothing and crafts, illuminated by the timeless radiance of the Prophetic tradition.

Our Values


Our collections are designed to exuberate elegance and beauty.


Every item is produced using the finest craftsmanship and materials.


Inspired by Prophetic dress, each item of clothing sources its design from the Islamic tradition.


Modest in our designs, modest in our prices without compromising on quality.


Not sure how to reflect your inner light and amplify the elegance you already manifest? Then make sure to check out our styling guide on how to best to style together our unique and modest clothing...

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